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How to Dress Your Dog For Weddings or Holidays

Is there anything cuter than a dog dressed for the occasion?

Whether you want a quick photo op for your next family holiday card or you’re planning a dog-friendly wedding, getting the perfect outfit for your pup (and getting them to wear that outfit) can be tricky.

Before your next big event or holiday, here are a few key tips to help you dress your dog and get them used to clothes.

3 Tips to Dress Your Dog For Your Wedding or Holiday

1. Start Dressing Your Dog Early

If you’re planning to have your dog wear a cute outfit for a specific occasion, it’s best to start getting them used to clothes many months prior, so they’ll be comfortable when the day finally comes.

If possible, it’s even better to start your dog off with clothes as a puppy, when they’re still in their socialization period and can form positive associations with new experiences very quickly.

Start with simple pieces of clothing and work your way up to the exact outfit you’d like them to wear for the wedding or holiday. Give them at least a week to adjust to the outfit, and reward them each time they wear it.

2. Start Slow with Dog Clothes

Before you jump into a multi-piece outfit, start your training with small, easy-to-wear items like bandanas or bow ties.

This helps ease your dog into the feeling of having clothing on their body and gives you more opportunities to positively reinforce the experience with treats and praise.

When you put clothing on your dog, especially the first few times, always go slow and never force your dog to wear something that they’re not comfortable in. Doing that will only create a negative association with clothing, and it can even lead to anxiety or a phobia in your pup.

Start by simply rewarding your dog for looking at the item of clothing. Then, move the clothing closer, rewarding each time, until you can gently drape the clothing on their back. Do this briefly, and reward your dog each time the clothing touches them.

Over time, you can take steps to your dog fully wearing the outfit.

3. Choose an Outfit Your Dog Feels Comfortable In

Just like people, some dogs have a preference for what type of clothing they feel comfortable in.

If, after working with your pup gradually with positive reinforcement training, your dog is still showing signs of discomfort in a specific type of clothing, it’s best to avoid that item of clothing altogether

This may mean that your dog is uncomfortable with clothing on their head, but they’re fine with wearing a shirt. This could also mean they prefer certain materials over others, like cotton instead of knitwear.

You should also always double-check the sizing of any item you put on your pup. If something is too tight or constricting, this can lead to discomfort and stress in your dog.

Clothes should always be loose enough that you can fit two fingers underneath.

Looking for the Perfect Outfit for Your Pup?

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Whether you have a wedding, birthday, or other holiday coming up soon, there’s something for every pup to choose from.

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